Episode 8: Putting the Sass in Sasquatch

Join hosts Aaron, Ariel, Claire, Lizzie, and Shannen for Episode 8 of SpeakBeasty! With the second round of “History of Magic in North America” articles released, there’s a lot of exciting news to cover! Tune in as our hosts discuss the intricacies of American wandmaking, the fact that all the creatures of Fantastic Beasts will be CGI, and how Dorcus Twelvetrees ruined pretty much everything for everyone.

EPISODE 8: “Putting the Sass in Sasquatch”

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Hosts Claire and Lizzie are back!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: More “History of Magic in North America” news!
→ Dorcus Twelvetrees: Great name, lame person.
→ Jo, if you’re listening, tweet us about KPop.
→ Fancy American wandmakers!
→ Shannen is coloring.
→ Digital beasts and how to be disappointed in them…
→ Are wizarding suburbs a thing?
→ “The Time Turner”: 1920s fashion!
→ “The Newt Case”: The Rougarou is just weird.
→ “I turned into a chicken, but I can’t talk about it.”

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