Episode 14: Moonshine with Mitchell

Hosts Aaron, Ariel, and Claire are joined by special guest Mitchell Thornton, one of the actors from the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film! In our interview, find out what set is like on a typical shooting day, and learn just how secretive the actors are required to be!

EPISODE 14: “Moonshine with Mitchell”

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ SPECIAL GUEST: Mitchell Thornton from Fantastic Beasts!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Lego Newt!?
→ Hamilton won Tony awards because of SpeakBeasty.
→ “Hedwig’s Theme” is universal.
→ We have faith in JK!

→ Interview with Mitchell!
→ What it’s like being on set of Fantastic Beasts?
→ Really long days. Really good food.
→ Using your phone? You’re fired.
→ Jon Voigt is delightful.
→ What kind of creature is the Obscurus?

→ “The Newt Case”: The evil Snallygaster!
→ Kill it with moonshine! Or Teddy Roosevelt…
→ Send cookies for Ariel. Howlers for Shannen.

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