Episode 19: Queenie Abducted by Aliens

It’s a British invasion as UK hosts Claire and Sophie join American hosts Ariel and Megan for a look back on everything we’ve learned so far about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts films and share their feelings about being less than 100 days away from release.

Episode 19: Queenie Abducted by Aliens

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ It’s a British invasion week!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Casting directors and cake
→ WE’RE SELLING T-SHIRTS! Only available for a limited time!
→ Get ready to throw money at the tie-in books!
→ Newt and Harry have Megan in common.
→ Are they going to make Queenie EVIL!?
→ No more manic pixie dream girls!
→ What we know so far: It’s a lot.
→ Less than 100 days to go!
→ Ariel is so very pleased.
→ “The Time-Turner”: First woman to swim the English channel SLAYED
→ Gertrude is a BAMF. Gertrude is everything.
→ “The Newt Case”: The Ashwinder!
→ Fire snakes ruined Hogwarts pantomime.

PODCAST QUESTION: Given all we’ve learned so far, what is the ONE THING you are most excited to see in the first Fantastic Beasts film this fall?

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