Episode 22: Five Movies and Lots of Feels

Join us for a major episode as hosts Ariel, Claire, Shannen, and Sophie talk about their experiences at New York Comic Con and the Fantastic Beasts Global Fan Event! Delve deep into theories about Graves and his connections to Grindelwald, pore over details of the new character posters, and hear Claire and Sophie discuss the first ten minutes of the film!

If you wish to avoid spoilers about the first ten minutes of the film, skip that section of the discussion! The spoiler chat begins at 1:03:37 and ends at 1:14:36! The rest of the episode is spoiler free.

Episode 22: Five Movies and Lots of Feels

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Sophie and Claire are here with BIG news!
→ Casually meeting J.K. Rowling with a few hundred people.
→ “The Phoenix Register”: FIVE MOVIES! POSTERS! EMOJIS!
→ “I learned that from the podcast!”
→ Mary Lou and her evil centerpieces.
→ Monday—do nefarious things…
→ We’re still obsessed with Graves’s coat.
→ Stephen Hawking and Dumbledore save the world?
→ Will we see the wizarding side of World War II?
→ Is Graves the next big bad?
→ Newt is like, “No!” and Graves is like, “I don’t care.”
SPOILER ALERT: We discuss the first ten minutes of the film!
→ “The Time-Turner”: Jazz and the music of the ’20s!
→ This isn’t just Harry’s world anymore…
→ “The Newt Case”: The Clabbert! Cute or creepy?

PODCAST QUESTION: What are your thoughts and theories on Graves?

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