Join hosts Claire, Eleanor, Shannen, and Sophie, as they deliver more initial reactions to the film, go over some fantastic listener theories, and get really excited about Erumpents. All this and more on Epiosde 25 of SpeakBeasty!

*WARNING: This episode has MAJOR spoilers for Fantastic Beasts!*

Episode 25: Needs More Graves

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Claire, Eleanor, and Sophie share initial reactions!
→ Is Newt trying to forget Leta?
→ What’s Mary Lou’s motive?
→ #BringBackColin
→ Claire’s got a theory…
→ Whose wand is it anyway?
→ “That’s not how the justice system works…”
→ What’s up with that death potion?
→ Does Newt shave?
→ Needs more Graves.
→ We’re STILL obsessed with coats.
→ “The Newt Case:” The Erumpent!
→ Eddie’s mating dance is everything. 

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