Kick off 2017 with hosts Ariel, Lizzie, and Shannen, along with listener guest host Ann, for Episode 27 of SpeakBeasty!  Delve into everything we learned about Newt Scamander from the movies, learn about what the holidays were like in the 1920s, and discover the weirdness that is the Kelpie!

*WARNING: This episode has MAJOR spoilers for Fantastic Beasts!*

Episode 27: Good Old Newtles

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Listener Ann guest hosts!
→ Happy New Year!
The Phoenix Register: The DVD is out in April!
→ “It’s called Capitalism, Shannen!”
→ Tina belongs in every house.
→ Death potion? Good times.
→ Newt as the Crocodile Hunter?
→ “A sad fic waiting to happen…”
→ How to get on Jacob’s level.
→ Did Newt and Leta have a platonic friendship?
→ Good old Newtles.
The Time Turner: Holidays in the 1920s!
→ “Christmas was more flammable!”
The Newt Case: Kelpies!
→ Water horse demon things.

PODCAST QUESTION: Which character would you like us to discuss at length next episode and why?

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