Episode 29: Women Are Unicorns

Get together with hosts Elayna, Shannen, and Sophie for a discussion about unicorns, women protesters at the turn of the century, and why we think MACUSA President Seraphina Picquery deserved better! All this and more on Episode 29 of SpeakBeasty!

Episode 29: Women Are Unicorns

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Sophie and Elayna are here!
The Phoenix Register: Fantastic Oscars and how to win them.
→ Meryl Streep could play Grindelwald!
→ We’re recommending everything…
→ Zoe Kravitz “knows nothing”.
→ What awaits Seraphina in movie two?
→ Magical Hall of Presidents!
→ JKR likes dropout protagonists.
→ Yay literature!
→ The universe of these films need more diversity.
→ #SeraphinaDeservesBetter
The Time-Turner: Women’s marches in the 1910’s!
→ Get it together, world.
The Newt Case: Unicorns!
→ Bob the unicorn, friend of Frank.

PODCAST QUESTION: What would you like to see happen with Seraphina in the next installment of the series?

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  1. Rosmerta says:

    Fun episode! I agree that Seraphina deserves better! Perhaps, as you suggested, after her Presidency, she could go after the escaped Grindelwald, with the newly restored Graves (found unharmed in a cupboard somewhere…)
    Not sure how this could fit in with the continuing Newtina adventure though!
    Still want your thoughts on the name of film 2 & whether Theseus will make an appearance…
    Oh, and is there any casting news…


  2. mchammz says:

    Okay, okay. A brief defense of Meryl Streep. I haven’t finished the episode yet so I may be back, but I’ve just got to say now….. Meryl Streep’s performance in Florence Foster Jenkins was one of the most emotionally resonant performances I’ve seen this year. Even though she’s won oodles of awards, she still deserves recognition for this movie because it was just absolutely amazing.


  3. Marjolaine says:

    This episode was great ! Girls YOU are the real unicorns ! About french magic : I could write an essay about how I see the french wizarding world ! And knowing Jo is francophile, learned french and gave a french name for Voldemort, I can’t wait to discover her view of Paris in her world. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll see Beauxbâtons, but it would be cool to meet Nicolas Flamel ! He lived in Paris after all and would be the perfect guide to discover the city ! By the way, « moldu » is indeed our word for muggle. It’s not Jo’s word but I hope they will keep it !


  4. pickettandpastries says:

    I agree with pretty much all you said in here… I think maybe they released so much information about Seraphina Picquery because they were planning to have more of her in this movie or she returns in a later movie (which I would like to see). I didn’t know Jo studied French, I find that really interesting, considering Voldemort in French is something like flight of death. I thought she’d just researched rather than studied it.
    Anyway, when you guys finally discovered the awesomeness of Pickett’s name, it reminded me of my fav joke (which I’m so proud of ahahaha) ok *ahem*

    How does a bow truckle open a lock?

    They Pickett.

    *cue rapturous laughter*


  5. pickettandpastries says:

    Goddam autocorrect made it bow truckle instead of bowtruckle


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