Episode 31: #GravesLives

Hosts Claire, Michael, Shannen, and Sophie are here with a new episode of SpeakBeasty to discuss everything we know about Tina Goldstein, the real story behind the Statue of Liberty, and how Fantastic Beasts is faring this Awards season!

Episode 31: #GravesLives

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ And now, the weather…

The Phoenix RegisterFantastic Beasts won a BAFTA!
→ Give the coats an Oscar.
→ Porpentina Esther Goldstein.
→ Is Newt an orphan?
→ “It’s Harry Potter. Everyone is dead.”
→ What’s the deal with Tina’s locket?
→ “It all connects back to Legos.”
→ Tina takes on Grindelwald. NBD.
→ Graves is Barb from Stranger Things.
“Hop on a ship and follow him!”
→ Leta’s like, “I’m gay.”
The Time-Turner: The Statue of Liberty!
→ She stands for more than you thought she did.
The Newt Case: The White River Monster of Arkansas!
→ Magical alligator, snapping turtle, or elephant seal?

PODCAST QUESTION: What do you want to discover about Tina or see happen to her in future films?

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  1. I am listening to this while following the Oscars and I am so happy Fantastic Beasts got Best Costume Design!


  2. Igor Moretto says:

    What if Newt is involved with the whole Grindelwald thing because he also wants to study the Obscurus? We know he has a interest in it. And, since Leta is a friend of his that also liked studying creatures, maybe they meet again because of that same interest. So while Grindy is looking to conquer the Obscurus for evil reasons, Newt and Leta just want to study it. Or maybe Grindy hires Leta to study the Obscurus for him because he is some kind of magizoologist, like Newt. If Newt and Tina are already in a relationship in film 2 than that’s easy to bring Queenie on board, and in consequence, bring Jacob too.

    Here in Brazil we have TONS of replicas of the Statue of Liberty, because a department store chain has decided she is their logo or something like that. See pictures:



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