Episode 34: Schrödinger’s Fantastic Beast

Hosts Eleanor, Michael, and Shannen are here for Episode 34 with lots of love for Australian creatures, a critical evaluation of the added and missing text in the new edition of Fantastic Beasts, and the long awaited DVD release! Catch that and more here, only on SpeakBeasty!

Episode 34: Schrödinger’s Fantastic Beast

This time on SpeakBeasty:

The Phoenix Register: The DVD is OFFICIALLY here!
→ The inside of Newt’s case is actually a Target.
→ Schrödinger’s fantastic beast?

→ Ariel impressions.
→ Why some scenes hit the cutting room floor.
→ Grindelwald will be defeated by a tea kettle to the head.
→ Is the Elder Wand in Boise?
→ Dan Stevens is a fantastic beast. *wink*
→ Get your own niffler named Pastries!
→ The Time-Turner:
The Great Depression in the USA!
→ “The Great Depression started in America, as all great things do…”

The Newt Case: The Bunyip!
→ EVERYTHING’S a Bunyip!

PODCAST QUESTION: The new edition of Fantastic Beasts attempted to rationalize pieces of canon, so how do you feel about theses additions and alterations, and what do you think it fits with established canon?

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  1. Laine (buckbeak is my spirit animal) says:

    Just to dispell the Boise theory a little further….. during Deathly Hallows Harry spends a pretty large amount of time figuring out the mystery of Gregorovitch and Grindelwald. During most of the book he’s getting Voldy-vision of Voldy searching for the wand. We learn that Gregorovitch used to have it, but it was stolen from him by Grindelwald.

    One of the highlights this episode was hearing an Australian say American words. =D


  2. Sowelu says:

    THEY EAT MOONCALVES?????!!!!!!


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