Episode 39: Your Children Are Beasts

Celebrate your Father’s Day with SpeakBeasty hosts Ariel, Michael, and Shannen for Episode 39! Join us as we discuss the history of Father’s Day in The Time-Turner, family dynamics in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts films, and the ever terrifying Acromantula!

Episode 39: Your Children Are Beasts


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Cosplay and Sasquatch Hunts at MuggleNet Live!
The Phoenix Register: The screenplay is done!
→ Go get cast in the movie!
→ “Yates don’t care!”
→ Rolf took after grandpa.
→ Why wasn’t Newt a person of color?
→ More sister dynamic please!
→ Alohobeasty? Speakmora!
→ “But mom, I’m gonna go see pretty animals!”
→ Newt goes Into the Woods.
→ We venture into fan-ficy territory.
→ Newt as a father figure to Credence?
→ “Or what if there was a bakery?”
The Time-Turner: History of Father’s Day!
→ “It’s not about cards and candy…”
The Newt Case: The Acromantula!
→ “Spiders can’t be trusted.”
→ “WAIT! Guuuuuyyyyssss.”

Podcast Question: What kind of relationship will Newt and Theseus have?

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This episode was originally posted to MuggleNet.com.

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  1. Carrie says:

    I was listening to this episode and someone mentioned how the beasts were Newt’s children, and my mind went immediately to imagine one of Newt’s children having some sort fight with one of his beast and Newt telling his human kid to “apologize to your brother”. I don’t know why my mind went there, but I laughed to myself thinking about it.


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