Hosts Claire and Eleanor are joined by guest hosts Katy, and Allison of MuggleNet’s own Alohomora! podcast! This week we delve deep into discussion about the newly announced Fantastic Beasts 2 cast members, ponder what all the new plot details could mean for the series, and chat an awful lot about the circus.

Episode 41: Credence Joins the Circus


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Alison’s finally on an episode!
→ The Phoenix Register
: New illustrated Fantastic Beasts covers!
→ Because yes, you need more copies…
 Who’s dressed in a filly tutu?!
→ Have we seen the last of the Shaws?
→ Casting announcements!
→ J.K. Rowling can do better. #RepresentationMatters
→ Name etymologies for days!
→ “We learned it from the twitter.”
→ Fantastic… feasts?
→ Did Grindelwald start a gang in jail?
→ Does Newt know about the hallows?
→ “It’s the camping all over again!”
→ The Time-Turner: Circuses and the 1920s!
→ It wasn’t always acrobatics…
The Newt Case: The Sphinx!
→ “They eat themselves or jump off a cliff.”

PODCAST QUESTION: What do you think of the new casting news and plot details that were released?

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