Episode 49: #ThmagicalThursday

Hosts Elayna, Megan, Michael, and listener guest host Sam, are here to break down all the exciting recent news about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald! Hear our thoughts on new character information, all the amazing new costumes, and learn about a strange new beast in The Newt Case!

Episode 49: #ThmagicalThursday


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Listener guest host Sam joins us!
→ “We have some feelings…”
The Phoenix Register: Buckle up, everyone. TITLE REVEAL!
→ Tina is DEFINITELY a pigeon. 
→ Deus ex Frank?
→ Philosopher’s Stone is almost of age in the Wizarding World.
→ Where is the Resurrection Stone?
→ “He’s like a sexy Ulysses S Grant.”
→ The Nagini Theory.
→ “It’s more of a love rhombus.”
→ No more Seraphina treatment, please.
→ Beasty squad cosplay at NYCC 2018?
→ We get critical, but only out of love.
→ “Well, he’s got great lederhosen…”
The Newt Case: The Loveland Frogman!
→ The Demofrogan!
→ The Ohio tourism department should hire us.

Podcast Question: What are your thoughts on the new image released and the title, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Friends!

    Regarding your last episode: There’s this feminist theory that I wanted to get your thoughts on, specifically in regards to Johnny Depp.

    In short; some feminist theoreticians have suggested that we actually should be trying to forgive and rehabilitate abusers/offenders instead of excluding and boycotting them. The idea being that this would make it less of an up hill battle for victims to actually report their abusers. As of now, many victims choose not to report their abusers out of fear that the repercussions would be so severe.

    I know it sounds a little backwards, but as someone who has worked with a lot of young kids in these situations whom would NEVER consider reporting their father/teacher/coach I have learned a lot about the complicated relationships these people have to their abusers, and met some who even love them. Being able to report abuse without fear of them losing their jobs or relationships might actually not be such a bad thing.

    It’s a pretty advanced feminist theory, and to be honest if you feel like disregarding it totally and saying ”F* no Johnny Depp is an ass” I think you are totally in your rights to do so (he is), but as someone who has actually used this a lot in my work I can say that it has helped a lot of victims, and it sort of makes this whole Johnny Depp f*-up a little more tolerable for me.

    I would still prefer not to have him in the movie and to be fair I don’t think he is right for the role in the first place. I don’t think he cares for the project like many others in the cast do, and I am not over the love and loss of Graves </3


  2. Diskid says:

    I didn’t get excited about the new image from Fantastic Beasts nor do I have any thoughts on it other than I’m also glad Credence got a haircut. However, the title did excite me! Though I agree they need that word “and” in there to make it right! The title excited me because, maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m really excited to learn more about Grindelwald. I especially would love to learn more about the relationship between him and Dumbledore. It may be because the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore reminds me of friendships I’ve had in the past where it turned out I was friends with a bad seed, but there was a time where I would have done whatever they wanted me to. I think because of this; learning more about Grindelwald really intrigues me and while he is not by any means my favorite character nor do I really like him I really want to know more about him. I’m interested to see what this movie does with his story.

    Also thought I’d give my thoughts on Johnny Depp in the movie with some of my Hollywood insight. I’ll say I completely agree it is not fair to put a competition on domestic and sexual assault as to which one is worse. That’s not fair to people who have been victims of either or both. However, is it different and does it matter differently to the Hollywood industry? Yes. Absolutely. Why? Because pedophilia has been a secret going on in Hollywood basically since the beginning of it. Earliest I can think of off the top of my head is Judy Garland in 1936. Before recent years, it was seen as just a conspiracy and not believed to actually be true. Now, the public is finally starting to realize it’s true and is wondering who has been involved. The reason why they have been quick to fire people accused of pedophilia from films is basically the director telling the public “I’m not involved” as allowing them to stay in the film could be interpreted to be the director protecting them due to involvement. In other words, it’s more of a save face than an appeal to what the public wants. Domestic assault on the other hand, that’s not one of Hollywood’s hidden secrets and not something any director is worried about being accused of being involved with if they keep somebody who has done it in the film. Totally don’t have to agree with it and I’m not thrilled about Johnny Depp being in the movie either; but that is why. It would be very different if Johnny Depp was being accused of being a part of the hidden pedophilia. Then they’d have to save face.


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