Hosts Aureo, Eleanor, Megan, and Shannen are here for Episode 55! This week, we go deep into a discussion about J.K. Rowling’s recent statements on Twitter as well as address the highly debated comments from David Yates regarding Dumbledore’s sexuality in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts films.

Episode 55: Not Explicitly


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ “But is it Skinny Eddie?”
The Phoenix Register: David Yates had some words…
→ Where’s the trailer, though?
→ “Owl, well…”
→ Albus Grindelwald’s teenage diary.
→ “He’s okay now! Well, he’s dead…”
→ Drink some water, kids.
→ We do not condone a lot of things.
→ Shout out to our FBI agent listeners.
→ Can Jo write outside of her own experiences?
→ Fact: Warner Bros needs Jo.
→ Please, no one give David Yates a Twitter.
The Time-Turner: The Matagot!
Shrek was the original Fantastic Beasts.

Podcast Question: How much creative control do you believe J.K. Rowling has over the Fantastic Beasts series?

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