Episode 57: We ARE the Teaser Trailer

Prepare for something special, because this episode, hosts Amy and Lizzie are joined by special guests from Alohomora!,  Alison and Kat! Join us as we discuss a really interesting beast from Detroit, and how the Dark Arts may play into future Fantastic Beasts films!

Episode 57: We ARE the Teaser Trailer

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Kat and Allison guest host!
→ The Phoenix Register: No news is annoying news.
→ How many editions is too many editions?
→ The Dark Arts in Fantastic Beasts.
→ Double agent Theseus?
→ “Other houses like to eat, too!”
→ Will Queenie get manipulated by Grindelwald?
→ We want the Leta and Queenie witch gang.
→ Wizarding Kardashians?
→ Let’s hope Leta isn’t evil.
→ What’s up with the Lestranges?
→ The Newt Case: The Nain Rouge!
→ Detroit, you okay?
→ Kowalski’s Korner: Wizard Moana. We’re here for it.

Podcast Question: Out of the characters we discussed, who do you think is most likely to go to the dark side? (Also, we reiterate, Detroit, you okay?)

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