Episode 58: Dumbledore Is So Extra

Hosts Aureo, Lizzie G., and Shannen are here with guest host from the Common Room, Marjolaine, to FINALLY discuss the Crimes of Grindelwald teaser trailer! Hear all our new theories, learn about where we think the French Ministry of Magic could be, and catch up on Shannen’s latest Augurey feels.

Episode 58: Dumbledore Is So Extra

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Welcome guest host Marjolaine!
The Phoenix Register: TRAILER’S HERE!
→ WB is scared of Megan.
Fantastic Beasts 2: Newt Escapes His Babysitter
→ “Take my money, whatever…”
→ Hogwarts. Hogwarts! HOGWARTS!?
→ March Madness: Apparition Edition.
→ “It has taken the name of Augurey in vain.”
→ The Newt… shed?
→ Everyone’s on a roof.
→ “Hi, I’m Jude Law, welcome to Fantastic Roofs…”
→ We’re just here for the baby dragons.
The Time-Turner: History of Le Grand Palais!
→ Shannen is an Animagus.
Kowalski’s Korner: Who’s your BEAST friend? 😛

Podcast Question: Where do YOU think the French Ministry is located?

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This episode was originally posted to MuggleNet.com.

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