Episode 62: Dumbledore? More Like Smartledore

Join hosts Lizzie, Megan, Michael and common room guest host Melanie to discuss all things Credence, 1920s slang and more Credence.

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Welcome guest host Melanie!
The Phoenix Register: We have shirts for sale! Oh, and Crimes of Grindelwald was nominated for a Golden Trailer award.
→ Newt, the dweeby child.
→ “Wave your jazz hands around, Flamel!”
→ Guess who’s back, back again. It’s Credence!
→ Poor Credence, can’t catch a break in the name department.
→ Will Dumbledore take a special liking to Credence because of Ariana?
→ Is Credence set up to die? With a Dobby-esque sacrifice?
Time Turner: 1920s Slang
Kowalski’s Korner: If you could write yourself into the storyline, as a brand new character, who and what would you be?

Podcast Question: Which character(s) do you think will die by the end of the film series and why?

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