Today’s history lesson is brought to you by Aureo, Megan, and Michael. (But mostly Aureo.)

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→ “Sit there and think about what you’ve done.”
→ Pops are a controversial topic.
The Phoenix Register: The COG DVD is killing it. Also, we gotta watch Emma.
Owl Post: Physical cowards vs. moral cowards
→ The world wars and their influence!
→ Nationalism is making everyone nervous.
→ How does Grindelwald’s vision impact our views of “The Greater Good?”
→ Wizards vs. Muggles during WWI and WWII – who has the upper hand?
→ “It amuses me to make allusions to things that are happening in the Muggle world.” – JKR, 2005
→ “He was thwarted again and again by a teenager.”
→ The Deathly Hallows symbol vs. the swastika.
→ “Don’t be racist.”
→ “Dear UK listeners, prevent Brexit.”
The Newt Case: the Taniwha!

Podcast question: What do you think is Rowling’s overall goal with the Fantastic Beasts series as far as it parallels WWII? What messages do you think she’s trying to convey that are different from or build upon Harry Potter