Episode 85: Those Crazy Cats

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ The rainbow pinwheel of death is very misleading.
→ Happy Easter!
→ Could Queenie be believing that Jacob is an exception to the “wizards first” rule?
→ To kill Jacob, or not to kill Jacob?
→ Are the words “coward” and “crazy” gendered (and not in a good way)? → We love you, Paris! And we love your Notre Dame.
→ Marjolaine is going to have a coronary when she hears our French. (Sorry, girl.)
→ What parts of Paris featured heavily in the film? What role does Paris play in Crimes of Grindelwald?
→ “And then we all got confused.”
→ How do the first and second films compare in terms of how they use their setting as a part of their story?
→ Do any of these intricate details inform the story of the film? Does it work for an audience uneducated in Paris locales and their history?
→ The Time Turner: Rio de Janeiro in the 1920’s!

Podcast Question: What was missing from Paris as a setting? How could the city have been better utilized in the story?

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