This time on SpeakBeasty…  

→ Join hosts Ariel, Megan, and special guest, Craig!
→ The Phoenix Register: Fantastic Beasts 3 gets a release date of November 2021. Also, Wizarding World Gold is now a thing.
→ What could they possibly give us that we don’t already have and do we want it?
→ Percies of the world, unite.
→ Could Queenie have been under Grindelwald’s control for longer than we thought?
→ “It’s SpeakBeasty canon, thank you for your time.”
→ What’s the deal with the blood pact?
→ “You know that thing where you touch bloody hands?”
→ “Who knew that Summergirls by LFO was about Dumbledore and Grindelwald the whole time?”
→ Newt is the real mother of dragons.
→ “Oh, you did a blood pact? We do Unbreakable Vows now.”
→ “Let’s just Time Turrner this ish.” This time, we examine what happened on this day in history. 

Podcast Question: How do you think Dumbledore will ultimately break the blood pact? 

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