Episode 88: Evil Shoes

This time on SpeakBeasty

→ Happy summer! Only six more months ’til Christmas.
→ Your feet being uncomfortable can drastically affect your decisions.
→ “Fashion, but make it comfort.” 
→ Blood pacts and marriages go hand in hand (wink).
→ “It would be really nice if something made sense for once.”
→ “Queenie isn’t evil, but she drank the Kool-Aid.”
→ Did she drink the tea? And does it matter?
→ “I was rooting for you – we were all rooting for you!”
The Newt Case: Amazon River Dolphins!
→ #SaveThePinkDolphins

Podcast Question: Do you think Queenie’s character development between films makes sense, or do you think that we are missing information?

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