Join hosts Megan, Michael, and Shannen for a discussion on representation of characters of color, as well as whether or not Seraphina was actually drunk the whole time.

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Happy Father’s Day!
→ Phoenix Register: No FaBe related news, but Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ride is open!
→ Owl Post: Two posts courtesy of our SpeakBeasty Common Room! Fantastic Beasts in Frozen 2? Frozen and Indiana Jones connections
→ Main Discussion: Characters of Color in the Fantastic Beasts series

→ We explore representation in FaBe, HP, and even Hunger Games!
→ Some say Rowling is the champion of all people of color. Is that really true?
→ Could/should Newt have been cast as a person of color? (Based on Rita Skeeter’s description of his grandson, Rolf?)
→ Analysis of Rowling’s Native American appropriation.
→ Seraphina Picquery mystery SOLVED!!!
→ Time Turner: The origin of coffee!

Podcast Question: How can future Fantastic Beasts installments learn from the missteps and lack of representation in previous wizarding world media, and better serve their characters of color?

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