Episode 90: Trees Don’t Have Ears

Join Aureo with special guests Marjolaine and Julianna as they discuss a “very Ravenclaw” topic.

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ The Phoenix Register: Wizards Unite has arrived!
→ The non-English speaking countries deserve better.
→ What is the correct character count for roller coaster names?
→ “Drunk Seraphina” is our newest regular segment. 
→ We gave the owls a lot of water to drink because it’s stupid hot everywhere. 
→ Main Discussion: Beasts vs. Magical Plants (a very Ravenclaw topic) 
→ Do Dementors poop? 
→ Newt Case: The Boobrie!
→ Scotland used to have penguins. 

Podcast Question: How do you think Beasts should be classified, and what kinds of magical plants would you like to see? (To poop, or not to poop?)

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