This time on SpeakBeasty

  • Amy and Megan officially welcome Julianna to the team!
  • We love a good meme on this team.
  • The Phoenix Register: The new Wizarding World app!
  • Owl Post: What it means to be someone with autism, and the possibility that Antonio’s untimely death was necessary character development.
  • Main Discussion: Murdering babies and siblings!
  • Megan puts her Aureo hat on.
  • Children are innocent and we have an instinctual need to protect them.
  • “That’s what I’ve always wanted from a husband!”
  • “He did not do a great job.”
  • “Rat brains are really small, so.”
  • “I remember when the first Fantastic Beasts came out. I still had all my teeth.”
  • “Dead babies. The end.”
  • The Newt Case: The Bundium!

Podcast Question: Whose baby murdering do you feel was worse – Grindelwald’s or Voldemort’s?

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