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  • Phoenix Register: MuggleNet at NYCC was a success! Special thanks to Dan Fogler for judging our Erumpent Mating Dance contest.
  • Owl Post: Is Tina secretly following her own leads without approval? Was that postcard really from Tina?
  • “I mean… magic.”
  • “We have a lot of questions about Leta.”
  • Did Grindelwald’s blue flames actually kill people, or did they just imprison them?
  • “I do not want her to be framed for Newt’s man pain.”
  • Does Leta’s death help or hinder Grindelwald in any way?
  • “Just go buy another hookah – they have them in the Halloween section at Target.”
  • “Newt is the slow burn.”
  • “Her entire existence is just one big fail of the Bechdel test.”
  • “I think we’ve all had those moments, we just haven’t swapped babies because of it.”
  • “Why are all these people dying before I can kill them?”
  • The Time Turner: Le Theatre de Grand-Guignol!

Podcast Question: Do you feel Leta’s story was fully-fleshed out, or was she short-changed for the purpose of Newt and Theseus’s own stories?

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