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  • It’s a tri-lingual episode with Aureo, Marjolaine, and Shannen!
  • The Phoenix Register: We think filming starts in February? Maybe? Also, a universe is apparently bigger than a world.
  • “It’s way too expensive and we don’t want it.”
  • Owl Post: Leta’s mental health struggles are not something Newt is equipped to deal with.
  • Main Discussion: Marjolaine takes us through what she found out from her Q&A with Brontis Jodorowsky, who played Nicolas Flamel!
  • “That’s why we felt so bad after the movie – because we didn’t have Nicolas Flamel giving us croissants.”
  • “We are the perfect and only Fantastic Beasts podcast.”
  • How was Flamel’s pursuit of immortality different than Voldemort’s and Grindelwald’s?
  • “Yo – a wind could blow you away. Shut up.”
  • “We had too many women already.”
  • “The Wizarding World, where they still use owls in the 90’s and don’t have phones.”
  • The Newt Case: The Erkling!

Podcast Question: Do you think Nicolas Flamel and/or alchemy will play a bigger role in future movies ? 

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