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  • In case you couldn’t tell, we are celebrating our 100th episode! As a celebration, we will be traveling around the globe to talk to all of our past and present team members.
  • “Hopefully without any concussions involved.”
  • We didn’t get Richard Ayoade, but we did get Jude Law.
  • “Maybe the real Fantastic Beasts were the friends we made along the way.”
  • “That was one of the coolest days of my human life.”
  • “We built this podcast on rock and roll.”
  • Slytherins and Hufflepuffs make great teams.
  • “Everything comes back to SpeakBeasty.”
  • “If I didn’t cry, it wouldn’t be real.”
  • “The best part of growing up with Harry Potter is the theorizing.”
  • “Everyone is everywhere.”
  • “It really does have that magical kind of feel to it – it doesn’t matter where you are, it just takes you away.”
  • “I always end up laughing when I’m recording.”
  • “My favorite part of these movies is ripping them apart afterwards.”
  • We still miss Colin Farrell.
  • Younger siblings are a pain, confirmed.
  • “I didn’t expect to appreciate a new story in the Wizarding World quite so much.”
  • “I could’ve had a whole 2-hour film of just him tending to his creatures.”
  • Meet our lovely social media team!
  • “They’ve had two films and they haven’t kissed yet, so I keep making it happen.”
  • “We want that book! Or five!”
  • “I’m trying to avoid the Cursed Child of it all.”
  • “The theorizing machine came to life again.”
  • “I thought you guys were going to cut it out – nope. It became the title of the episode.”
  • “I also fixed the internet, so you’re welcome world.”
  • “It’s a podcast for dogs.”
  • “Dumbledore keeps the lights on in here.”
  • Thank you, Beasties!

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