This time on SpeakBeasty

  • Join Aureo, Ann, Jennifer, and Marjolaine for the last episode for the year!
  • We’ve recorded this before Christmas, but we’ve already started eating.
  • “Thank you Marjolaine for putting us on the spot.”
  • Our favorite Beasty moments of the year!
  • “Big Percy Energy.”
  • Shannen visits to talk to us about the JKR Twitter controversy.
  • Phoenix Register: The new HP/Beasts knitting magazine is a thing of beauty.
  • Main Discussion: Prophecies and visions!
  • “She was essentially high all the time.”
  • Grindelwald just accidentally poked himself in the eye. “Constant vigilance!”
  • “I don’t think a strong French accent would suit Trelawney.”
  • We as readers are taught not to take Divination seriously.
  • Time Turner: New Year’s food traditions from around the globe!

Podcast Question: Do you think the vision Grindelwald hints at will become more relevant in the future?

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