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  • “Look at us. Who would’ve thought.”
  • We are officially announcing our 2030 retirement.
  • Phoenix Register: RIP Danielle Hugues. /* Plus, we now have dates for the Fantastic Beasts exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London.
  • “I always hope Warner Bros. is not listening.”
  • Owl Post: “It’s out of her hands now.”
  • “But also, I just shouldn’t be spending money anyways because I’m poor.”
  • We discuss WWI veterans in Fantastic Beasts and what their experiences would’ve been like.
  • “They came to Europe and then…what did they do for a year?”
  • “It was less than 50 but more than 14.”
  • “I don’t care which side I’m on, I only care where the dragons are.”
  • “I forgot the law existed.” – Newt
  • “More like EverMORON.”
  • Time Turner: Chinese New Year!
  • “Just don’t set things on fire.”

Podcast Question: Do you think wizards were involved in WWI? If so, how do you think they participated?

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