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  • Surprise guest host: Lizzie’s cat
  • “We love our time traveling on this show.”
  • Phoenix Register: FILMING HAS MAYBE BEGUN? and Callum Turner is officially back for FB3!
  • Owl Post: “We don’t like fan service, but we love baby niffler fan service.”
  • Are timeline continuity issues even relevant to theorizing about overall themes?
  • Main Discussion: Cinematography in Fantastic Beasts!
  • “I feel like I’ve been watching movies wrong for years.”
  • Why do films have more close-ups now than they used to?
  • “He’s like a little ray of sunshine.”
  • “Very dramatic. I love it.”
  • “Special skills: Knows how to wear a hat.”
  • Time Turner: Jean Renoir in the 1920’s and 30’s!

Podcast Question: What is your favorite scene in Crimes of Grindelwald in terms of how it was filmed?

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