This time on SpeakBeasty

  • “Isn’t that fancy?”
  • Phoenix Register: Filming seems to be on and poppin’!
  • “We could just ask Marjo to help us like we always do.”
  • “She’s born to run but lacks confidence.”
  • Some owl post from our official Tina correspondent.
  • Main Discussion: New theories about the origin of Credence/Aurelius.
  • “Just because people aren’t alive yet doesn’t mean they can’t be alchemists.”
  • Could the Sorcerer’s Stone be used to create a body?
  • Turning silver into gold
  • “I’ve dropped the Voldemort. I’m just Lorde now.”
  • “Man, that is a whole entire question.”
  • “He’s a neat guy.”
  • Newt Case: Thestrals!
  • We bid a very sad farewell to our OG host, Ariel.

Podcast Question: What is your favorite Credence origin theory?

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