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  • Brains are melting (but hopefully everyone is staying safe).
  • Phoenix Register: Fantastic Beasts 3 production has been paused. (The universe doesn’t want us to get this movie.)
  • Stay tuned for a discussion on Queenie’s buttons.
  • Owl Post: What constitutes a Newtina spoiler?
  • “The spoiler is that Patronuses can be people.”
  • We have become a Pokemon podcast.
  • Main Discussion: What are the challenging aspects of making a prequel or film against a historical backdrop, when the audience knows how the story will end?
  • If something is a prequel or a “bridge movie,” does that make it a bad movie?
  • “Poor Martin Freeman.”
  • Okay here it is, but we’re not happy about it.”
  • Is it okay to humanize a villain?
  • Is the Fantastic Beasts series a good prequel?
  • Time Turner: Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle!

Podcast Question: Do you think Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them qualifies as a prequel? Why or why not?

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