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  • We hope you’re all staying safe and staying inside!
  • Phoenix Register: We are sending our love to Alison Sudol. Plus, we got some tidbits from Dan Fogler about the script of FB3!
  • “It’s been 84 years…and we’re still stuck in 1927.”
  • “Tweets are the owl post of the future.”
  • We begin our deep dive rewatch of Crimes of Grindelwald, starting with the first ten minutes of the film.
  • “When we did this before, Michael and I did a 3 hour episode.”
  • “And also we don’t want to have copyright battles with Warner Bros.”
  • “What sort of magic is that?”
  • “Nice going, Americans!”
  • “He’s an old white dude, and I will instantly forget what he looks like.”
  • “If you ever wondered how many Thestrals you need for a carriage…”
  • #JusticeForThestrals
  • “Kids, wear your seatbelts.”

Podcast Question: What do you think about the magic that Grindelwald uses? Is it just advanced creative magic on his part, or is due to the Elder Wand?

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