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  • The new Golden Trio is back!
  • The Phoenix Register: July 2022 seems cleared for a big theatrical release…
  • “She and Steve can Zoom.”
  • Owl Post: How much did Dumbledore know about Nagini? Plus, some evidence that JKR really has been planning this twist for a long time.
  • We dig into Part 3 of our Crimes of Grindelwald movie breakdown!
  • “I wonder if strange people are going to come by today.”
  • “I just wanna travel.”
  • “He also sent Newt to New York in the most roundabout way possible.”
  • However Aureo says “Grindelwald” is the right way to say it.
  • “Why does this man own champagne?”
  • “When has taking the Nifflers with you ever been a good idea?”
  • “Take a drink of water, Bunty.

Podcast Question: Why do you think it “has to be Newt” against Grindelwald?