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  • Hot take: F*** COVID.
  • It pays to make friends with your local bodega folk.
  • We at SpeakBeasty are pro-mask-wearing.
  • Phoenix Register: Hurry up and stream Puffs! Also, a new children’s book from JKR is coming soon.
  • Owl Post: Credence is more powerful than your average wizard.
  • Krall = a Hot Topic emo kid from the early 2000’s.
  • “Counterpoint: who are you?”
  • Ann’s husband is the local Avatar: The Last Airbender expert.
  • “He’s just a crotchety guy who’s wearing a silly hat.”
  • “It is very on-brand for Newt to know a bunch of sketchy travel options.”
  • How do you train a Niffler?
  • The dirt licking scene hits different during a global pandemic.

Podcast Question: Why is it important that Credence comes to Grindelwald freely? Is it so he can tell himself that this plan is fated to work, or some illusion of consent?

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