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  • Join hosts Helene, Rex, and guest host Kat from Alohomora! as they attempt to do math.
  • “Your site career is in eighth grade.”
  • Would Luna be a Thunderbird?
  • The Ilvermorny Quiz has been taken down from Pottermore. Does this mean they are preparing to give us new info?
  • “I think the world is cursed, I’m not sure it’s the movie.”
  • Phoenix Register: The shirts are here! Plus, new makeup sets to check out.
  • “I’ll just put any sh*t on my face.”
  • Owl Post: Could Tina be a skilled Occlumens?
  • We continue our scene-by-scene breakdown of Crimes of Grindelwald.
  • We’ve christened one of the Baby Nifflers “Pop Tart.”
  • “Well then, I hate that bridge.”
  • The McGonagall moment wasn’t in the original script and was added by production later on. 👀
  • Will Dumbledore become the anti-hero of the series?
  • “Maybe the DADA teacher was on maternity leave.”
  • “Unless she was the only 2-year-old at Hogwarts.”
  • Different timelines!
  • “I have been confused for so long now.”

Podcast Question: How do you recognize canon for yourself?

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