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  • Amy, Ann, and Shannen are back!
  • Phoenix Register: Stickers are coming your way, Thunderbird patrons!
  • Owl Post: Did Dumbledore drink the Elixir of Life in his early years…?
  • “They were kind of short on 600-year-old actors.”
  • “it doesn’t have to be a part of canon if I don’t like it.” 
  • “He would’ve just sat there and been moody.” 
  • “I’m good, I want to be miserable.” 
  • A spin-off series in which Leta, Dumbledore, and Theseus team up to solve crimes – coming soon!
  • “Take the shot, Queenie!” 
  • “He didn’t eat MY face!” 
  • “It’s just fashion.” 
  • Was Dumbledore’s actual greatest desire to get the blood pact?
  • “Unbreakable Vow Maxima!”
  • “Dumbledore has had a prosthetic hand this entire time.”
  • “I would not brag via a sign outside my house that I may have gold.”

Podcast Question: Do you think that Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s pact is an unbreakable vow? Why do we think some unbreakable vows leave scars, while others don’t?

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