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  • Helene’s back!! And keeping secrets?!
  • The Phoenix Register: An epic battle between Newt and Grindelwald, and streaming vs theatre release logistics
  • We’re going to the CO-PA, CO-PA-CABANAAAAAA
  • The owls are back too, and bringing mustache-related speculation!
  • Everyone is Dougal. It’s canon.
  • Main discussion: Bunty. She’s #relatable.
  • Bunty = Ginny? (No, Bunty = Dougal.)
  • Can we rewrite the stars so Charlie gets together with Bunty? Time-Turners exist.
  • New segment! No-Maj Movie Magic: Puppeteers and the work of Robin Guiver!
  • The Newtcase: Imps are rude.
  • We know an uncomfortable amount about the breeding habits of fairies.

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Podcast Question: How do you think Bunty’s role will evolve in FB3?

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