This time on SpeakBeasty

  • Geoff’s back!
  • Shannen is an A R T I S T E
  • Phoenix Register: Stuff is happening!!
  • Another break between movies?! What will Megan do?
  • This is not a podcast about David Yates’ side hustles.
  • Main Discussion: Magical Objects
  • Is it Vanished or is it Memorex?
  • Dumbledougal has HANDS.
  • Grindlewald’s graphic designer got paid in exposure.
  • We find out the real reason for the “1898” on the skull hookah.
  • Shannen thinks the Dumbledore family lore is sus.
  • Is it alive?
  • Fantastic Beasts: Friendship is American Magic.
  • Time-Turner: The theremin!
  • PepSI … IlluminaTI … it’s all coming together.

Theme Music: “Swing Has Swung,” by Shane Ivers (

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Podcast Question: What is your favorite magical object in Fantastic Beasts and why?

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