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  • It’s the spookiest episode of all!!
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Lou (aka Boo)!
  • Phoenix Register: more news! We’re on a hot streak!
  • Earlier this month, a MuggleNet staff member attended a screening of Secrets of Dumbledore. (Don’t worry, the main feed will be spoiler-free.)
  • There is so much to unpack in the phrase “magical train person.”
  • Main Discussion: Ghosts! (Not the spooky kind. The psychological kind.)
  • There are no actual ghosts in Fantastic Beasts. Just people haunted by trauma. 
  • Knowing what everyone is thinking about you in school would scare anyone. 
  • Pondering the ghosts of lost plotlines.
  • Plot twist: Jacob’s nana is alive?!
  • Yusuf’s Tinder profile: Seeking vengeance. 
  • Helene (and all of us tbh) want Graves back 
  • Newtcase: Ghosts! (Are you sensing a theme yet?)
  • Can ghosts vote?
  • The hosts share local ghost stories! Hear spooky tales from Minneapolis, Orlando, Owego, and Chicago!

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Podcast Question: Who would you like to see as a ghost in the Fantastic Beasts series?

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