This time on SpeakBeasty

  • Aureo and Marjolaine are #squadgoals
  • Phoenix Register: Scorbus is canon?? Twitter thread here.
  • The subtext is finally text!
  • As one game falls, another rises.
  • The Harry Potter Exhibition is returning to the Franklin Institute in February 2022.
  • Owl Post: All the owls in the whole world have disappeared. Help us find them by sending us your thoughts at!
  • What’s Theseus and Leta’s ship name?
  • Main Discussion: Bhutan!
  • Bhutan is NOT Brazil.
  • The flag is also very rad.
  • A secret, isolated place is the perfect place for a magical adventure!
  • More raven symbology! What does it mean?
  • Amy demands a real-life Battle of the Beasts.
  • No-Maj Movie Magic: Fae Hammond, hair and makeup design!
  • Makeup is both a technical and psychological job.
  • Kowalski’s Half-Baked Theories: Is Queenie Snape’s grandmother?
  • There are a lot of surprising links between them!
  • Queenie is one-of-a-kind ❤
  • “A scene of Snape standing there staring at Harry would be very boring.” “…and awkward.”
Theme Music: “Swing Has Swung,” by Shane Ivers (

Podcast Question: What kind of adventure would you like to see Newt get up to in Bhutan?