This time on SpeakBeasty

  • It’s MuggleCast! Eric and Micah are crashing SpeakBeasty!
  • This episode is sponsored by Patreon supporter Jemima R.! Thank you so much!
  • Phoenix Register: Can Micah remember how to read the news?
  • MinaLima has released two Fantastic Beasts-related sketches.
  • Amy and Lizzie: Wanted by the law? 
  • More casting news!
  • Owl Post: Eric reads some listeners’ thoughts about the Statute of Secrecy
  • Marjolaine feels it’s kind of anti-democracy.
  • “Muggles are people too!”
  • Main Discussion: Pairings and team-ups! Just like this one!
  • We’ll all be doing the fire crab dance at the next LeakyCon Ball.
  • The Number One Diricawl Fan Club Rides Again
  • We’re all fans of The Brothers Scamander
  • Becoming a tip jar would be niffler heaven.
  • Double agent to who?

Podcast Question: Do you think Yusuf Kama is going to the dark side, or is he playing double agent?

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