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  • Give a big Beasty welcome to Joshua Shea, who played Young Newt in Crimes of Grindelwald!
  • He’s half of a Newt. Or something like that.
  • Phoenix Register – MuggleNet leaked exclusive (and very cute, according to Marjolaine) pics of Ariana Dumbledore from Crimes of Grindelwald¬†
  • Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History is finally being released by the BBC!
  • The Wizarding World Wands exhibition is returning to celebrate the opening of Secrets of Dumbledore!¬†
  • Someone in Stoke-on-Trent please write to Geoff.
  • “You got expelled from Durmstrang? Oh cool, you can come here.”
  • Owl Post: Listeners write in about Kama! Will he be a double agent or go to the dark side?
  • Main Discussion: An interview with Joshua Shea!
  • Josh passes the vibe check – not evil enough to be Grindelwald.¬†
  • “And he turned around, and it was Eddie Redmayne.”
  • We find out what a boggart actually looks like.
  • What scene made Joshua’s hands shake?
  • Follow Josh on Instagram at @joshuashea to stay up to date on his upcoming films and his band, The Sheas!

Podcast Question: What part of Newt’s past would you like to see more of?

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