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  • It’s March!
  • Phoenix Register: will the news curse strike again? (Yes)
  • SoD costumes at the Studio Tour!
  • We love Newt’s costume! And Dumbledore’s! And Queenie’s! And and and…
  • There was another SoD fan event in Japan
  • Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History will drop in the UK on 2/27, in the US on 4/1, and in France on ????
  • Harry Potter: The Exhibition opened in Philadelphia, and it looks very cool
  • Owl Post – positivity in the HP fandom! Can we be as excited about the fandom as we were 20 years ago?
  • Ann is a Fandom Old™ and has feelings.
  • Marjolaine made the right call and doesn’t read the comments.
  • Main Discussion: texts and signs in the trailer!
  • Albus and Jacob’s Big New York Adventure is totally happening.
  • “I think we can call him a fascist.”
  • Here’s the Twitter thread we mention! Thanks @max_kirchi_fca for the assist!
  • “Maybe they’re like Russian nesting suitcases.”
  • Don’t brainwash children into killing Muggles.
  • Newtcase: the manticore, a.k.a. “the nope monster”
  • The manticore is the first beast with a theme song
  • Arachnologists – write in and tell us about baby scorpion venom, please!
  • Student safety: not a thing that’s considered at Hogwarts
  • The manticore is named Mrs. Whiskers. We don’t make the rules.

Podcast Question: Are there any inspiring examples of positivity from the Wizarding World fandom that you’ve experienced? Share them with us!

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