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    • We brought Alohomora! to SpeakBeasty, y’all! Welcome to our special guest, Sam Williams!
  • Phoenix Register: There’s so much!
  • The world premiere will be on 3/29, and UK residents can enter a contest to be there!
  • This movie has THIRTEEN release dates. Avoiding spoilers is going to be tough. 
  • New posters, new footage, new characters on IMDb!
  • Owl Post: positivity in the Wizarding World and an “own voices” series!
  • Expanding the wizarding world would benefit fans as well as WB.
  • Main Discussion: new character posters and teaser footage!
  • “Everyone else got a poster, shouldn’t Aberforth’s goats?”
  • Sam introduces his Time-Turner theory.
  • Helmut: who is he?
  • One must be very formal with one’s nifflers. 
  • Shannen is a helper.
  • Ann will forcibly induct everyone into her OTP.
  • “This wand is unyielding. This wand is … murdery?”
  • We’re breaking The Case of the Red Tie wide open.
  • “It’s very ‘this is fine.”
  • Oh, there she is! Kind of.
  • No-Maj Movie Magic: aerial cinematography with Jeremy Braben!
  • Here’s a picture of the director’s view of an aerial shot.
  • The hosts of Alohomora! wrote a book, coming out 4/19! Pre-order it now!
  • Listen to Sam on Alohomora! as well as on Twitter and Instagram at @jabbernator, and check out his book reviews on

Podcast Question: What is the significance of the red tie? 

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