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  • Phoenix Register: Marjolaine was on Alohomora! Check it out here.
  • The WB Studios Tour in Hollywood has added Fantastic Beasts costumes.
  • UK store EMP has lots of cute Fantastic Beasts merch too.
  • Secrets of Dumbledore will be on HBO Max in late May!
  • Owl Post: Hadley and Jeri share their thoughts about the timeline, Yusuf, and various grains.
  • Main Discussion: Mads Mikkelsen as Grindelwald!
  • The interview Marjolaine references is here
  • “Some actors couldn’t, but Mads can.”
  • Mads has a whole backstory for Grindelwald and we need it, please.
  • YouTube links: 
  • “He’s gentle and soft but in a manipulating way.”
  • Grindelwald is surprisingly chill about not killing Dumbledore.
  • Was Yusuf chillin’ with the qilin? (Boy, that joke doesn’t work in text.)
  • If only we’d gotten more of the Nurmengard set.
  • Do dark pools come standard in castle basements?
  • We talk our favorite Grindelwald scenes. 
  • BATTLE OF THE BEASTS! Shannen takes on Ann!

Podcast Question: What is your favorite Grindelwald scene?

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