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  • Titles: Release The Yates Cut
  • It’s July! The screenplay is out!
  • Thanks to this week’s Patreon sponsor, Lucinda!
  • Phoenix Register: Secrets of Dumbledore got its first award.
  • It’s also #1 for Blu-Ray/DVD sales.
  • Owl Post: DisKid writes in regarding the qilin, and Jerri is all about the deleted scenes.
  • Main Discussion: deleted scenes!
  • YouTube link here.
  • “Why are you regulating the owl’s diet??”
  • #LetTheseusBeAHugger
  • We love to see boys with baby animals.
  • Credence has a weird way of helping people.
  • “Grindelwald is using a mob as a form of intimidation…that’s cool.”
  • I Didn’t Think This Through: The Anton Vogel Story

Podcast Question: What deleted scenes were you hoping to see, or what did you learn from what we did get?

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