Episode 5: We Ship Newtina

In which hosts Aaron, Ariel, and Shannen - and new host Eleanor from Australia - celebrate Valentine's Day with a discussion on Newt and Porpentina's relationship (Newtina? Porpenewt?), the possibility of wizarding world gangsters, and the questionable romantic practices of the Shapeshifting community.

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Episode 4: Newt & His Flying Coat

In which hosts Aaron, Ariel, and Shannen – and new host Claire – discuss out-of-this-world production design details, the possibility of a Dumbledore appearance in the films, and what may be our most terrifying “Newt Case” creature yet!

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Episode 3: Goblins Trolling Wizards

In which Shannen, Ariel, and Aaron – and new host Megan – pay tribute to Alan Rickman, give an in-depth discussion about the definition of a being vs. a beast, and introduce a fantastic new theory about how Harry’s great-grandfather could play a role in the films!

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