Episode 139: This Is Dragon Country

This time on SpeakBeasty podcast, our hosts discuss the beautiful country of Bhutan and what could bring Newt and the crew there in “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.”

Episode 137: Corvus The Friendly Ghost

It’s the spookiest episode of SpeakBeasty ever… Join hosts Amy, Ann, Helene, and Shannen as they talk ghosts and hauntings in “Fantastic Beasts.”

Episode 132: Bunty Is A Reddit Star

This week, hosts Amy, Helene, Marjolaine, and Shannen speculate over where Bunty’s character is headed within the story. Also, imps are rude.

Episode 130: I Wanna Be Your Endgame

Join hosts Helene, Rex and Shannen as they discuss the couples/pairings in the Fantastic Beasts universe. Do you think Jacob and Queenie will end up together at the end of the series?

Episode 120: My Brother is Gone

Join Ann, Helene, Lizzie, and Rex for our continued CoG breakdown. Do we think Nagini is a pureblood? Would that have impacted Voldemort’s relationship with her?

Episode 116: Hey, Pound Cake

Join hosts Helene and Rex as well as guest host Kat from Alohomora! as they continue our movie breakdown and try to do math. How do you recognize canon for yourself?

Episode 115: Avada Kedavra Maxima

We dive deep into our continuation of the Crimes of Grindelwald movie breakdown with Amy, Helene, Rex, and Shannen. How do you think Mary Lou Barebone ended up with Credence?

Episode 113: You Live Here Now

Hosts Amy, Helene, and Megan continue our Crimes of Grindelwald movie breakdown with the Nagini reveal and learning who Tycho Dodonus is. Why do you think Credence is the “key to victory?”

Episode 109: Enraged Virginian Children

Join Ann, Helene, and Megan as they discuss the challenges of making a film that relies on a story everyone already knows, like a prequel or a historical film. Do you think Fantastic Beasts qualifies as a prequel?

Episode 108: Science Bros

We dive into the concept of alchemy and how the Sorcerer’s Stone might factor into the plot of the Fantastic Beasts series. What is your favorite Credence origin theory?