Bonus Episode: Live from RoberCon 2020

Amy, Ann, Julianna, Lizzie, Marjolaine and Rex are live from RoberCon! Join them as they theorize what we know and what we think will happen in the next Fantastic Beasts film.

Bonus Episode: Gender, Sex, and Identity

On behalf of the show, Shannen discusses some thoughts on why JK Rowling’s recent comments about transgender women are wrong and harmful. To all of our trans, non-binary, and genderfluid listeners, we stand with you.

Bonus Episode: A Flock of Birds

Join hosts Megan and Shannen for this special bonus episode! This time on SpeakBeasty… → We discuss the deleted scenes that were released with the Crimes of Grindelwald DVD and digital releases. → Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the deleted scenes!→ You really can’t have too many newborn baby Nifflers. Podcast Question: Do you…

SpeakBeasty Radio Episode 1: Amazing Animals and Where to Seek Them

On this special crossover episode of SpeakBeasty and Hogwarts Radio: → What were our takeaways from Crimes of Grindelwald?→ Would this story have been better as books first, films second?→ Big reasons why people liked/disliked the movie.→ How did we manage to appreciate the film the first and second time around? Were we able to…