8 09, 2019

Episode 95: It Doesn’t Match the Decor

By |2019-09-08T20:17:22-05:00September 8th, 2019|Ariel, Craig, Episodes, Julianna|0 Comments

Hosts Ariel and Julianna officially welcome new host Craig and discuss whether Leta's death was a purposeful self-sacrifice. Do you think Leta's death enacted sacrificial protection for Newt and Theseus? Is there more than meets the eye?

28 07, 2019

Episode 92: Show Me the Dragon

By |2019-07-27T14:15:57-05:00July 28th, 2019|Aaron, Ariel, Episodes, Shannen|0 Comments

Join Ariel, Shannen, and guest host Aaron (who you may find familiar) as they discuss the beasts we met in Crimes of Grindelwald and how they could have been better utilized to further the story. Which beasts would you like to see more of in the future?

14 07, 2019

Episode 91: Mildly Interesting People and How to Make Sure They’re Okay

By |2019-07-17T11:55:28-05:00July 14th, 2019|Amy, Crossovers, Episodes, Lizzie S., Michael|0 Comments

Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Michael, as well as special guest, Mike Schubert of Potterless as they discuss the similarities and differences between Potter and Beasts. Does Fantastic Beasts stand alone as a series? Find out more!

30 06, 2019

Episode 90: Trees Don’t Have Ears

By |2019-07-17T11:57:39-05:00June 30th, 2019|Aureo, Episodes, Julianna, Marjolaine|0 Comments

Join Aureo with special guests Marjolaine and Julianna as they discuss a "very Ravenclaw" topic: Beasts vs. Magical Plants! How do you think Beasts should be classified, and what kinds of magical plants would you like to see in future films?

16 06, 2019

Episode 89: Glass Half Full…of Kelpies

By |2019-07-17T11:58:14-05:00June 16th, 2019|Episodes, Megan, Michael, Shannen|0 Comments

Join hosts Megan, Michael, and Shannen for a discussion on representation of characters of color, as well as whether or not Seraphina was actually drunk the whole time. How can future Fantastic Beasts installments learn from the missteps and lack of representation in previous wizarding world media, and better serve their characters of color?

2 06, 2019

Episode 88: Evil Shoes

By |2019-07-17T11:58:53-05:00June 2nd, 2019|Ariel, Episodes, Lizzie S., Shannen|0 Comments

This time on SpeakBeasty, hosts Lizzie, Ariel, and Shannen discuss whether Queenie is truly evil or whether she (literally) drank the Kool-Aid. Do you think Queenie's character development between films makes sense, or do you think that we are missing information?